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The following materials in English and German were published to communicate the history of Afro-German relations in Texas to the broader public. The materials offer good introductions for educational purposes.

Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter, Summer 2021

The newsletter contains articles on the role of the German language for African Americans by Mark L. Louden and on Afro-German relations in Texas by David Huenlich. You can read the article online on the Max Kade Institute's webpage.

Deutschlandfunk: Aus Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften
"Warum schwarze Sklavinnen und Sklaven Deutsch lernten"
Warum schwarze Sklavinnen und Sklaven Deutsch lerntenMirko Smiljanic
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The radio report is in German and contains interviews on Afro-German relations in Texas with Walter Kamphoefner and David Huenlich. The full report in German is available in the Deutschlandfunk Archives.

The German Lives of Black Texans: Language and Interethnic Relations. (Working Paper 2023)

This paper was submitted in 2023 to the Southwestern Historical Quarterly. Due to changes at the TSHA and foreseeable delays in the review process, the paper is accessible here as a working paper.

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